I'm New, What to Expect

What to Expect at Bethlehem

Bethlehem welcomes all people into our community of faith. We hope that you join us for Sunday worship at 10am as well as other activities throughout the year. Here are some frequently asked questions which may help, take a look and find out what you can expect at Bethlehem Lutheran

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do You Worship?

We worship every Sunday morning at 10am. We also offer a variety of holiday or seasonal worship services, special events and social gatherings throughout the year. Please see our Upcoming Events for more information.

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code at Bethlehem, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people wear suits and dresses, others were jeans and shorts. We come together to worship God, not to critique clothing choices

Is There an Offering?

Bethlehem sustains our ministry through the financial giving of its members and friends. We view the offering as an opportunity to give to God the gifts that God has already given us. An offering is collected during each worship service. We do not expect visitors and guests to put anything in the offering plate; it is up to you.

What is Worship Like?

Worship at Bethlehem is probably best described as “casual traditional.” While the worship service varies every week, we use traditional elements that are familiar to many people who grew up in churches, including, prayers, songs and Holy Communion. And while we use these traditional elements, we are also casual in our feel: sermons are often interactive, the prayers of the people are collected from those who are gathered and often there is laughter as something does not go as planned.

Can I Recieve Communinion?

We celebrate communion every week during our Sunday worship and at most other worship services as well. All are welcomed to the Lord’s Table regardless of age, church or denomination membership and even baptismal status. There are even special bread options for children who are too young to eat bread. Please listen to the instructions from the pastor during worship as well as what is printed in the bulletin as we utilize a variety of ways to distribute communion throughout the year. You may also come forward during communion and receive a blessing if you choose not to receive communion.

As a visitor, we will never point you out during worship or make you feel uncomfortable. You will be greeted individually by many of the fellow worshippers, most of whom will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have during worship.

Following worship, please stick around for a few minutes as we partake in a coffee hour with a variety of snacks.