About our Faith

A Part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Bethlehem is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a denomination of approximately 4 million members. We believe in the Triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We gather together to worship God, though God is not just in the church building, nor does our faith just belong in the building. We read scripture to hear that we are part of God’s story.

We serve others to be God’s hands in this world.

Meet our Staff

Lyudmila German, Music Director

A composer, organist and piano accompanist. Lyudmila was born in Ukraine, where she began to study music, and moved to the US in 1993. She continued her education in New York, where she earned a BA in music from Brooklyn College, NY 1996, and MM and DMA degrees in composition from the Manhattan School of Music, 2003. Lyudmila is a recipient of a Miriam Gideon Scholarship from Brooklyn College (1995), Meet the Composer Grant (1995), Ivar Mikhaschoff Grant for New Music (2000),Cantate Chamber Singers Award (2004), and Robert Helps Prize (2009). She lives in Stamford with her husband and two daughters.

Our Leaders

A Dedicated, Compassionate Group

Council Members

  • President:

    Cheryl Muniz 203 544-8073
  • Vice President:

    Ryan Hawley 203 731-7375
  • Treasurer:

    Karin Russo 203 938-3257
  • Finance Sec:

    Nancy Beck 203 431-0697
  • Secretary:

    Mark Hasskarl 203 512-9220
  • Frank Cangialosi:

    203 938-9742
  • Jeff Kapec:

    203 227-8422
  • Tiina Hawley:

    203 746-0190
  • Heloisa Hasskarl:

    203 942-2912

Committee Chairs or Contacts:

  • Property:

    Eileen Bengtson 203 227-6341
  • BLC Lunch Bunch group contact:

    Lillian Johnson - 203 938-2654
  • Sociale Concerns:

    Ellen Grunsell - 203 438-0415
  • Worship & Music:

    Nancy Beck - 203 431-0697
  • Stewardship:

    Cheryl Muniz - 203 544-8073
  • R7:

    Heloisa Hasskarl - 203 942-2912
  • Mutual Ministry:

    Judy Cangialosi - 203 938-9742